This performance was developed during an RnD with the Amoenus system at IKLECTIK, London, and performed on 26 June 2021 as part of the Amoenus showcase. An excerpt of the performance can be viewed below @16:03. Read the coverage on CLOT Mag.

A sheet of raw steel is used to create a semi-autonomous compositional system. The resonating frequencies from the metal are analysed by the machine and used to tune several FM synthesisers, these are played back onto the metal with a transducer and analysed again by the machine in a perpetual feedback. Metal and computation are set in a dialogue delving in the spaces between the animate and the inanimate.
This piece uses a bespoke spatialiser which treats each speaker as an independent sound source, turning the 13.4 setup into a choir of speaker. 

Immersive Audio R&D: A Retrospective from AMOENUS on Vimeo.

This documentary surveys a series of 8 researches in 3D sound carried out at IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, UK. Each invited artist was given time and space on the AMOENUS 13.4 speaker system to explore how 3D sound could be used in their pratcice.

Most of the audio recordings featured in this documentary are in binaural format. Listening through headphones is the best way to appreciate their spatial quality. Otherwise, listening via speaker won't have a negative impact on sound quality.

Please note that there are 5 seconds of soft strobing light.