AEco [AEco.STx/AEco.5o/AEco.16o.1i]


Algorithmic System for generative AV Installations ( ) {
    AEco (Ancestral Ecosystem) is an ecosystemic algorithm which has been used at the core on a series of installations. AEco is not based on natural dynamics or genetic algorithms, but instead utilizes ancestral principles and methodologies of intragenerational knowledge exchange to generate emergent behaviours. Its design has been adapted for multiple audio-visual installations, including: AEco.STx [visual module] (RCA Hidden, RCA Battersea Hangar, May 2023); AEco.16o.1i [live performance for a 13.4 spatial sound system and acoustic piano] (IKLECTIK, Corpora Aliena, November 2021); AEco.5o [Audio-Visual installation for 5 speakers and visual module] (St James Hatcham, 1 Sep 2021 - 5 Sep 2021).

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[Operational Manual (system architecture + implementations)]

//----STx [VISUAL MODULE]------

Portable visual module with printed guide and engraved acrylic panel depicting the system’s internal dynamics.
This implementation works to decode a message embedded within the ancestry of the ecosystem. The message slowly emerges and evolves depending on the behavioural patterns of the ecosystem. STx runs on a MacMini  and is designed as a portable solution for research on the system. Written in C++


//----AEco.5o [AV INSTALLATION] &  AEco.16o.1i [PERFORMANCE]------

Two adaptions for sound composition. Within the ecosystem can live up to 15 synthesised voices which learn how to harmonise each other by interpreting the ecosystem’s history. The synthesis is modelled to mimic the sound of wolves howling, the voices altogether will behave like a wolf pack, with a leading voice (AURA) driving the chant. AEco.5o is designed for a five-channel setup, with up to 3 voices per channel. 16o.1i requires 16 distinctive outputs and uses the input from a live instrument to drive the ecosystem dynamics. The result is a synthetic choir which tries to harmonise the driver.