(Epping Forest, 51.65740041563791, 0.046229036780916936)

This slate stone (12.52cm l/8.78 w/3.57 h) was discovered near Kate’s Cellar inside Epping Forest. Associate Chronocartographers from the Lambent Institute estimate that it originated from a slate mine inside the Snowdonia region. Two other stones have been attributed to that area and we presume its minerals held particular significance to those performing the blessings. The letter-like blocks suggest it required large percussive membranes to be performed, with each block representing a different method of striking or stopping the membrane.


The image below proposes a digital reconstruction of the engravings and was created using high resolution scanning technology. We believe this artefact could have been a miniature of a larger engraving, possibly measuring up to 2m tall. This miniature could have been used as pocket-size score or as a building reference for the larger work.

Digital recostruction of s1.kCellar

The video below is a tour of the Epping Forest (Kate’s Cellar) discovery site. It features an XTR, a device that can detect irregularities in the acoustic composition of terrains and was used to discover all the artefacts in this research.