Installation shown as part of Shivers, St James Hatcham, 1 Sep 2021 - 5 Sep 2021. Adapted as a live performance (AEco.16o.1i) for a 13.4 sound system and acoustic piano shown as part of Corpora Aliena (IKLECTIK) in November 2021.

AEco is an A/V installation generated by an artificial ecosystem algorithm (AEco System Architecture) regulated by rules of ancestry and of knowledge inheritance.
Within the ecosystem can live up to 15 synthesised voices which learn how to harmonise each other by interpreting the ecosystem’s history. Once a voice reaches the end of its life cycle, instead of being erased from the algorithm’s memory, it uploads its accumulated knowledge into a virtual ancestry. The only way for the current individuals to learn how to behave is by interpreting this knowledge. Since each new voice will interpret its ancestry differently, and since this interpretation dictates how it will relate to the other voices, behavioural patterns eventually emerge on a system scale.